Fibre optic networks use laser technology to carry huge amounts of data over long distances quickly. Fibre optic cables have an endless scope of uses such as data transmission, telecommunications, networking, broadcast and more.


Bl0wn fibre

Blown fibre is a great solution for areas which would be harder to replace if bandwidth requirements increase. This solution means cable is only installed once on site, but can update the technology as and when required.

Multimode and single m0de fibre

Multimode fibre, also known as backbone cabling, is a great way to extend your network if your network outlets are going to be longer than 90 meters. This is also proven to be the best way to connect additional network cabinets together, enabling all systems to run on the same network. Multi-mode fibre is often used in large buildings as it supports multi-cabinet use. 

fibre performance and cleaning

You may not know how your existing backbone fibre is performing, or some fibre cores may not be working correctly, which can have a drastic impact on your business operations. We can visit site to complete an audit including providing before and after pictures of your fibre connectors and fibre patch leads. Fibre performance reviews and cleaning gives you peace of mind that your system is working correctly and can spot potential issues before they have an impact on your business. 


– High speed network performance 

– Quicker install times

– Scalable, secure network offerings

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